The Importance Of Security In Places of Worship

March 2nd, 2023

The headlines are disturbing. In 2015 in Charleston SC, 9 worshipers were killed at Emanuel African Methodist Epispical Church.  In November 2018, 11 worshippers were attacked and killed in the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh, PA. In 2018 a bomb was detonated in the Dar Al-Farooq Islamic Center in Bloomington MN. In 2019, 2 parishioners were killed at West Freeway Church of Christ outside of Fort Worth. We have all seen these and have been horrified that these innocent people were hurt in such sacred places. Sadly, it is not just our Stuart homes and businesses that need protection, our houses of worship also need a good security system. 

Security Strategies For Churches

Security systems are a growing need for many churches, synagogues, mosques, and other buildings of worship in FL. Many churches are encouraging the “Run, Hide, and Fight” method of security. In other words, you designate areas for the worshipers to escape and you designate places they can hide. Next as a last resort, you help train them to fight.  While this practice can help in a crisis, there are more things you can do to help protect your church including installing a hard-wired security system with a “panic button” that alerts law enforcement of an emerging situation.

How Security Technology Can Help Protect Your Church

Technology-driven security systems give the houses of worship the ability to alert multiple responders. Computer-based security systems cut down on response times dramatically in a crisis situation. When the system is notified, the system will let you know that the alert was received. The installation is minimally invasive and very cost-effective, even for smaller houses of worship. A tech-driven surveillance system offers safety other tools do not. 

Security Solution Strategies For Places Of Worship

You can install cameras in all the common areas of the church to increase security. You can switch from regular keys that can be reproduced anywhere to key cards that allow only certain people entry into certain areas at certain times, minimizing the areas where a threat can hide. The benefits of technology-based systems are disguised icons. By far, the most important security feature a place of worship can have is integrating the internal and external notifications. This means that every worshipper is alerted at the same time as the responders are notified and can get to safety. 

The right to religious practice is protected by the constitution of the United States, however many criminals do not respect those rights. So it is up to centers of worship to take charge of protecting their parishioners. With a strong security plan and a robust security system, you can help protect your Stuart house of worship. A skilled security professional with experience protecting churches can help. They will do a walkthrough of your facility and help identify any areas of weakness. They will design a custom solution, at an affordable price, that can help keep you protected. 


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